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Time to talk about filters

The filter is classically one of the hidden costs of a hot tub, when you ask most people about hot tub costs the will 70% say electrical 20% say chemicals and probably only 10% say filters, however simply cleaning filters is expensive and time-consuming. The following article explains ways to save money, look after and the types of filters available. Hot Tubs don’t have to be complex, so we hope this article will help.

Cleaning methods.

The best way to clean a hot tub filter is still with a hose to get all the debris out and a cleaner/degreaser that will break down the grease and body fat that is clogging up the pores

Here’s a useful link to a YouTube video on cleaning filters:

Link to YouTube Hot Tub Filter cleaning video

How long does a filter last

A typical filter at around 25 sq ft will last 1 years usage, so if you have 2 25 sq ft filters then this is 2 years worth, the reason they only last a period of time is due to the fibres fluffing out on usage and the water flow reducing, this will put back pressure on the pump that pulls the water through which can lead to the pump burning out, and its allot cheaper to replace the filter than the pump.

Makes and Manufacturers

The big question is are some filters better than others, and the answer is obviously yes, but did you know that if the paper is the same i.e. Reemay then the filter is exactly the same, so why pay more. Tip find a brand that is made of Reemay filter paper rather than a manufacturer when looking to buy your next filters. For more information on Reemay take a look here, its something to do with spun Polyesters: Reemay by Avintiv

Many other types of filter materials are however available, we would recommend to stay away from cheap mass produced Chinese filters as the cost a few pounds less, but only last weeks instead of months, these are most commonly seen made of Brown plastic or have slightly yellowy paper or come with no Reemay logos on the packaging.

Types of special filter

Watkins special Hotspring filter – the Triax ceramic filter

Blue Microban (anti bio-film) filters

Filter Socks – Used on brands like LA Spas

Unfortunately we don’t sell the special filters, however we do sell all the other on our hot tub parts website ‘Hot Tub DIY ‘ Please feel free to take a look.


This article is written by Jon @ Hot Tub Help Ltd


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