Can i get a rewind

When is a good time to rewind your hot tub pump? Many people ask if its cost-effective to rewind hot tub pumps, and the answer is it depends! If the pump has a capacitor problem or needs new bearings then this is cheaper than replacing the pump and can be as little as £20 – …

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Welcome to Hot Tub Help!

We would like to announce our new website which will reflect the nature of our company Hot Tub Help Ltd. to read more about us click here but in short we are a small business based in Cornwall (UK) that covers hot tub owners and technical engineers based across the UK, the information is based on 10 years of servicing and repairing parts and is absolutely free.

An example of our work can be seen in the testimonials on out Trust Pilot reviews which can be seen here: Hot Tub DIY on Trust Pilot

Who and what is Hot Tub DIY? this is the parts side of the business, if people want to buy after we have given them advice then this is where we would normally point them, that is presuming we have the part or parts, if we do not have the parts we will always give the best advice possible on where to get the part from or an alternative method to repair or resolving the issue.

Quick professional advice from a experienced engineer

Hot Tub Help has been around for many years, but now that it is Ltd we feel that it needs a more interactive future, hopefully this website will reprosent that and enable more people to fix their hot tubs quicker, cheaper and easier.