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Lots and Lots of Balboa parts

Balboa Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Help are proud to announce that we have increased our range of Balboa Parts, to try and cover most of the parts used on hot tubs the UK.

Balboa has been one of the biggest manufacturers of parts for many years now and goes under the name of ‘Balboa Water Group’, this is because they have purchased and absorbed other companies along the way to make their collection of hot tub parts one of the biggest in the industry. Other brands under the Balboa hood consist of HydroAir,

Some of the parts made by Balboa consist of Control systems, heaters and panels as well as pumps, blowers,  jets, plumbing, Lights, Ozone Units and so on….. Its also good to note that they also make parts for baths and other industries. Here is a link to there website: Balboa Water Group

Our Stratergy

Just to be clear it is important to point out that Hot Tub Help doesn’t make hot tubs and parts we sell are mainly used for repair and servicing of hot tubs in and around the UK, so the Balboa parts we sell reflect this.

Examples of some of the great parts made Balboa are as follows:

Control panels (or topside controls USA description) – Usually mounted on the top or next to the hot tub if sunken. Click here for more Balboa Control Panels

Heater tubes –  M7 and the old M3 heater tubes with pressure switches. Click here for more Balboa Heater Tubes

Circuit boards (PCB’s) – The brains of any hot tub system : Click here for more Balboa Circuit Boards

Pumps – These pumps are also good for alternative upgrades: Click here for more Balboa Pumps


If you need help with your hot tub then please visit or parts website – or alternatively to get in touch please click on the contact us link above.


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