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Eco Friendly alternatives to harsh hot tub chemicals are here.

What about something that is good for the environment?

Are you secretly a little hippie inside? or just want something a little safer for everything down little creatures?

The solution is here: AquaSafe 90!

This fantastic range of products is worth the hype because its Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and none harmful to any living creature, Its also one of the best solutions on the market created for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

The product boasts that it is free from Chlorine and Bromine, completely biodegradable, free from smells and what’s best is its low maintenance.

Check it out or buy it here : AquaSafe 90


Other products also worth a look:


This fantastic product is added to your water if you do use Chlorine or Bromine, it’s designed to remov and eliminate biofilm and is probably the best additive for people with eczema, it will make your skin feel soft and lovely as well. If you put O-care in your hot tub you will also use less chemicals as its ph balanced and easy to use.

O-Care Solution


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