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Can i get a rewind

When is a good time to rewind your hot tub pump?

Many people ask if its cost-effective to rewind hot tub pumps, and the answer is it depends!

If the pump has a capacitor problem or needs new bearings then this is cheaper than replacing the pump and can be as little as £20 – £30

But if the pump is tripping due to internal wiring then this can cost more than a brand new replacement and be less reliable.

As hot tubs are getting more and more popular the price of replacement components is coming down every month

What parts can easily be changed in a hot tub pump.

The components consist of:

Wet End:

  • Impeller
  • Shaft Seal
  • Wear Ring
  • Wet End Seal
  • Bleeds and There Seals
  • Bolts to Hold Wet End onto Motor


  • Capacitors
  • Bearings
  • Complete Motor


  • Various Plug-In Connections

There are many parts that can be changed on a hot tub pump, if you need more help to diagnose the fault and get your pump repaired please get in touch.

This article is written by Jon @ Hot Tub Help Ltd


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